Personalised T shirts by your child's drawing or handwriting.


You can add a message in your child's handwriting to make a completely unique T shirt for you and your family. 


Ideally I need your child's drawing/ handwriting drawn on a smooth piece of white paper.

Felt tips or pen will make a more solid print to work with.

The bolder the picture and writting - the better the print will be. Im happy to preview the picture before you order if you'd like :-)


How to send-The picture should ideally be drawn on a smooth piece of white paper.

Take a photograph of the image, a good quality smartphone camera is ideal. Try to not get too much shadow- take the photo in a good light but without the flash on. 


Once taken- email it to with a note of your order number and name . Thank you for ordering and letting me create such a beautiful kepsake.



 Find Your Tribe Love Them Hard x





Personalised T Shirts with your child's drawing or handwriting

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