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Finding Inspiration Through Tough Times.

My blog piece written for Cricut 

I'm Charlotte, mama of 2 girls, raising my tribe and running Tiny Tot Tribe which is a little online clothing business using the Cricut machines and tools to make empowering tribal designs for fellow mamas and their tribes.


Not all inspiration comes from a positive situation. You can find inspiration in tough times too - this is how TTT was founded.

I started it as a hobby around the children initially and after a few months of starting the business, my partner had brain surgery after a series of seizures and lots of aspects of our lives changed over night. Out of all the tough times and really dark days, I found working on designs on Cricut Design Space and bringing the designs to life was a break from it all. It made me determined to make Tiny Tot Tribe a successful business and not just a hobby. I wanted a business my two girls would be proud of. I didn't have any mentors when I first started, but I did have 2 little girls watching me and I wanted to show them that women can be tough, resilient and strong 💪


My advice to other women starting their businesses would be always, always remember why you started and stick to your own ethos and beliefs. People will believe in you and you are your brand so make sure that shines through.


I use many of Cricut’s items in all aspects of my business - cutting, weeding and pressing everything myself (maybe a little help from my 10 year old little girl!). I have three pieces of Cricut equipment which are absolutely invaluable to my business as I press on a range of items depending on their size. The Cricut Easypress Mini is so handy for bags, little baby items & areas that are hard to get too!! Our busy household wouldn't be the same without the noise of my Cricut Explore Air 2 cutting vinyl, ready for to me to use on my Easypress 2... inbetween homeschooling of course!!


Running my business from home means my Cricut machines really are part of the family. When I'm not working, the girls love to create their own T shirts too! We all have our own Cricut adhesive cutting mats - mainly to save the kids from wanting one another’s !


Fellow working from home mamas in the depths of homeschooling will understand!

I'm hopeful for the future and that with my loyal customer following and strong mum tribe community, TTT will continue to grow and maybe inspire fellow mamas to start their own businesses as well... there is plenty of room for us all. Keep safe,

Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard xxx

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